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  Ant Wallis Illustration 

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Japanese Monsters! The Great Yokai Encyclopaedia - Part 1 - The Cover

 Japan certainly has some weird mythological creatures, some of them downright disturbing. Nothing as simple as werewolves, vampires and unicorns for the Japanese; how about a piece of cloth that floats around and tries to suffocate people! A tiny baby-like being with jet black skin, yellow eyes and a penchant for eating hair! Yokai (Japanese for ghost, phantom or apparition) are supernatural monsters and this excellent book – The Great Yokai Encyclopaedia – by cryptozoologist Richard Freeman is a complete A-Z of the beings that haunt the legends of Japan. I illustrated most of this book and am proud to have my artwork sitting alongside the work of several legendary Japanese artists. Here is the cover artwork, it depicts a Tatsu (dragon), a Tengu (birdman), a Yuki-onna (snow woman) and a Kappa (turtle/frog/man). Take a look below as things get weirder...